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Event start times

Day Two Subaru Amohela MTB Challenge, the fast one! Please take note of your start times below.

CUT OFF TIMES DAY TWO: Thaba e Kholo 11:00 am at 40km

Thaba e Kholo :-


  • A Batch 08:00
  • B Batch 08:05
  • C Batch 08:15
  • D Batch 08:20
Thaba e Nyenyane :-
  • A Batch 09:00
  • B Batch 09:05
  • C Batch 09:10
  • D Batch 09:15
View your seeding below : –

About day two

It is time to reward yourself for all of your incredible efforts out there on day one, day two is fast, very very fast. We start you out slowly on a neutral zone and out of town towards Bethlehem, you will be led out by one of the Subaru lead vehicles. Please stay behind them for this zone. 

The first 30km are very flat and take you along incredibly scenic district roads towards the Ash River Express and slowly back towards the incredible spectator point at Andes Cafe where your supporters are welcome to join. 

Shortly after this, the Small Mountain riders will take the express route back to the village down the Titanic. While the Big Mountain riders have a small matter to deal with, the famed No O2 climb. There is plenty of reward that awaits though in the form of the 16km single trail from above the village right back down into Clarens. 

Remember to finish what you started as all finishers of both days of the Thaba e Kholo receive an epic finishers t shirt. 

Finish what you started

You are already right on your way to conquering big mountain country, but it all means nothing unless you get the actual finish result. Please take note of a few of the event rules around distance changes, batch swaps and route cut off times.

– Distance changes : Any change to your race distance will result in a DNF. Ie. If you entered the Thaba e Kholo, you must finish it. If you do want to switch distances before the race, this can be done at registration and not on race day.

– Substitutions and batch swaps : Substitutions and batch swaps can be completed on race day. Any unauthorised change to distances will result in a 2 hour time penalty. 

– Route cut off times. Please refer to the race brief issued the evening before each ride for route cut off times. Failure to make it to through a cut off on time, will result on you being sent on the shorter route home with a DNF for the event.

GPX Routes

GPX is king in making your way through the course. Even though the course is marked very well, we recommend using one just in case a sign is moved. Each corner is marked with a sign 25m prior, 2 signs on the corner and one after the corner to tell you that you are on the correct track. Do not leave the course unless you are instructed to. 

Thaba e Kholo Day One – Download now, click here 

Thaba e Nyenyane Day One – Download now, click here

Thaba e Kholo Day Two – Download now, click here

Thaba e Nyenyane Day One – Download now, click here

Your seeding

To view your seeding for day one, please follow the prompt below. 

*Kindly note that the window period to reseed has now closed and your seeding is final. Any unauthorized changes to your seeding will result in a 2 hour time penalty. 

Route profiles

View route profiles and maps for both all distances and event days below.

Day One Thaba e Kholo WP 1 18km – Be sure to top up and eat. WP 2 36km – Hydration station only

Day One Thaba e Nyenyane WP 18km

Day Two Thaba e Kholo WP 1 29km – Hydration only. WP 2 39km – Full hydration and feeding station

Day Two Thaba e Nyenyane WP 1 29km – Hydration only. WP 2 39km – Full hydration and feeding station


There are unfortunately no accessible spectator points on day one due to the remote areas we go through. 

Day two spectator point is at Andes Cafe and the road crossing at Silo Padstal.

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