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Frequently asked questions


Do I need a GPS for this ride?

All our routes are marked, but GPS is King. Signs can be knocked over by cattle or riders, GPS cannot be manipulated.

We encourage all our riders to ride with GPS.

Where are the GPS routes?

All our GPS routes will be sent out in the week of the event only. Not any sooner and all riders will receive an email and sms with the route preview and GPS files.

Is there accommodation at the race?

The race does not have any physical accommodation. We do however have the entire village of Clarens to choose from.

Clarens can host up to 4000 visitors, you can choose your accommodation through any of the local agents.  The Start / Finish is less than 1km away from all accommodation in the village.

Can I ride my e-bike?

You are welcome to ride your e-bike. * Please note though that we do not have an official e-bike category, all e-bikes will be seeded in batch D or lower and e-bikes must be declared when entering. 

How old do I have to be?

CSA rulings are that all riders competing in stage races must 15 years or older on race day. 

Please do not underestimate the race because of distance. We personally recommend 18 years plus for the Thaba e Kholo. 

Is the event seeded?

Yes, the event is seeded by SAS Seeding. You will only receive your seeding in the week of the event.  We do not manage your seeding, but if you wish to change your seeding you will need to bring physical proof of race results to substantiate your change. 

*Please respect the seedings of others, riders work very hard to earn their seedings. It is the duty of the riders to manage their seedings in the run up to the event, we do not inquire with the various seeding houses on your behalf.

Can I enter as a team?

You are welcome to enter as a team or individual. Remember, teams receive a combined time in the results, so you must ride together if you enter as a team.

Can the event be cancelled?

If for any reason beyond our control the event is forced to cancel a stage (or stages) due to severe weather conditions, pandemic, act of God or insurrection or fires that puts riders’ safety at risk, the riders will not have any claim against the organisers or any of their sponsors of whatsoever nature in these circumstances. Amohela reserves the right to change the route for inter alia, safety and security reasons without notice. If the Amohela is cancelled in total as a last resort due to events beyond our control (force majeure) – relating to, inter alia, political turmoil, natural disasters, strikes, protest action or any other major disturbance beyond our control, riders will have no claim whatsoever including but not limited to a refund against the organisers or any of their sponsors. This will include entry fees and or flights and other expenses. We will do everything in our power to reroute and to run the event in a safe and secure manner should any event of force majeure arise.

Do we have a payment plan?

Riders can choose to enter on budget when entering through the payment portal. 

I've entered, but i'm not receiving emails

Don't stress, please check your spam 1st. It is more than likely that the emails have gone to spam. If the issue persists, drop us an email and let's check the email you registered with.

Can I substitute?

Yes, you can substitute online up until the event. Outside of 45 days you will still be able to change your merchandise sizing should you need to. Within 45 days of the event, we cannot change merchandise sizing as it has already been ordered and is in production.  *please not that there is a mandatory R180 fee on all substitutions.  * Any substitutions done within the week of the event cannot be reseeded. 

Refund policy

I have to pull out for some reason. What is the refund policy?  Please see our refund tiers and periods below : - Outside of 60 days from the event. 50% refund 60 - 45 days from the event. 25% refund Within 45 days of the event. No refund You can however sell your entry to somebody wishing to substitute in. You will need to follow our online substitution process.