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Amohela, a word of warm welcoming – as to one who’s arrival brings pleasure. Sesotho. There could not be a more fitting name for this race as the village of Clarens is always ready to welcome visitors.

18th & 19th of May 2024 in the beautiful village of Clarens.

The event will start at Clarens Golf Club, this pristine venue boast all the hospitality you could hope for in an event. With great food, drinks and views. 

This will be taking place at the Clarens Golf Club from 13:00 on the 17th of May until 20:30. You are able to collect numbers on behalf of a friend or family member. If you need to swap merch. we will only be able to do this on the Saturday afternoon once the first day is wrapped up. Additional merch. will be available for purchase at registration.

All two day entries close on the 10th of May at 10am. Single day entries will remain open until the 15th of May at 10am.

There are no shortage of options available for you to choose from. For options please book through a booking agent or website. 

I have to pull out for some reason. What is the refund policy? 

Please see our refund tiers and periods below : –
Outside of 45 days from the event = 50% refund. Within 45 days of the event will provide = 0% refund.

You can however sell your entry to somebody wishing to substitute in. All substitution’s close 7 days prior to the event.

This is the nature of outdoor events and as organisers we position the race as far outside of rain season as possible without it being too cold. 

The event will go ahead if the course is still considered safe to riders.

There is a very strict limit on this, no riders 16 years or younger are permitted. 

Above average to well. It is easy to look at the distances and and think it will be easy. There is a very good reason for the distances being shorter “ALTITUDE”. The air in Clarens is thinner and we have to warn you that if you are coming from lower altitude that you should expect the event to be 10 – 20% harder than you expect. 

It is however a brilliant platform to boost your fitness.

If for any reason beyond our control the event is forced to cancel the race due to severe weather conditions, pandemic, act of God or insurrection or fires that puts riders’ safety at risk, the riders will not have any claim against the organisers or any of their sponsors of whatsoever nature in these circumstances. Northern Farm reserves the right to change the route for inter alia, safety and security reasons without notice. If the Jackal Dash is cancelled in total as a last resort due to events beyond our control (force majeure) – relating to, inter alia, political turmoil, natural disasters, strikes, protest action or any other major disturbance beyond our control, riders will have no claim whatsoever including but not limited to a refund against the organisers or any of their sponsors. This will include entry fees and or flights and other expenses. We will do everything in our power to reroute and to run the event in a safe and secure manner should any event of force majeure arise.

Our photographers take around a week to process and edit all the event images. When this is done, we will send you an sms and email with a link to images.

Thank you for your patience in this regard.

Our event merchandise is specifically produced for the event. These are not shelf items, so we do need to plan in advance. Any registrations completed within 40 days of the event may not qualify for merch. 

To make sure you qualify, enter earlier than 40 days before the event.

Do not stress! 

It is more than likely that the email is going to spam. Every piece of information that you require will be placed on this website, from your seedings to results. 

Sounds strict doesnt int? Thats right though. Riders must finish the distance event that you have entered into or face an immediate DQ with a DNF on the results page. We do have marshals checking for swap outs at splits and the start pens.

Arrive hungry! 

The beauty about having this beautiful village as your race village is the options it gives you. 

For the best pastas and pizza – Bocca di lupo 

Best burgers in town – Clarens Brewery

Hearty food – Highland restaurant

A touch of class – Clementines

Rehydration stations – Clarens Brewery, Roter Hahn, Kooperasie

During the event and emergency number will be placed on the website. 

Kindly note that technical issues do not warrant an emergency. Riders must be technically self sufficient. 

Subject to change based on weather. 

We do our best to keep you out of the cold, so the starts are a little later. 

Day one : From 07:40

Day two : From 07:30

There is a 30 minute delay between the last batch for the Thaba e Kholo and the start of the Thaba e Nyenyane. Batches leave every 5 minutes.

Substitutions will be open until the 10th of May at 10am. After that, substitutions and distances changes can only be made at the race registration.

You can now view your registration, simply follow this link View your registration (

Make sure that you use the principal registrant ID (that is the person who did the entry for you).

Seedings will be placed up on the website 48 hours prior to the event. You will be able to apply for a reseeding online through the website. 

Any unauthorized batch swaps will result in a 2 hour time penalty. 


We will provide you with GPS routes for the race that you can load to your bike computer. The routes are well marked, but it is possible that signs are moved or knocked over by life stock or other riders. GPS will always be the best option. 

Understanding how we mark will help make your journey easier. We know that when you are working as hard as you do, that mistakes can be made. Please pay attention to our marking system: –

  1. Sign 50m before a turn
  2. At least one sign on the turn
  3. A sign to confirm you are on the right track within 50m of the corner
  4. Never turn off the track you are on without a sign telling you to do so

Coming your way from 2 weeks ahead of the race. But… if for some reason your email is going to spam please check our socials and the website. We place the same information on all platforms.

To help you plan your ride properly.

Day one, there is one very well stocked water point on the route. 

Day two, water point one is a hydration station only for top ups. The second water point at Andy’s Cafe is fully stocked. 


We will provide you with chipped number boards. 

When placing your number board on your bike, please make sure the chip is not obscured or placed against the metal.

Do not bend, cut or break the board. Your time will not be recorded if you do this. 

The event is live timed and results can be placed on the website.

We have to be strict of several points to plan the best event.

  1. If a rider does not make a cut off point, their number will be marked as DNF
  2. If you drop down from one event to another between day one and day two, you will receive a DNF
  3. If you take the split not relevant to your event, you will be marked as DNF

Cut off’s on route will be advertised inside the race briefing which will be placed on the website.

Well, yes but… There is no specific ebike category or prize as ebikes cannot be regulated or compared to normal riders. 

If you are riding an ebike and have not declared it to us on the entry process, you will receive a 2 hour time penalty.

Ebikes will not be seeded in the first batch of the day, rider seedings will apply after that.

The biggest rule for ebikes on route is JUST BE LEKKER, other riders are not riding assisted up climbs. Please respect other riders on route. 

Yes, there are cut off times on route. If you miss the cut off, we will steer you home along the fastest route and sadly you will receive a DNF. 

These times will be advertised in the route review ahead of the event on the website. 

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