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Clarens Clover MTB


Thaba e Kholo vs Thaba e Nyenyane vs the Single Day Rides. Which one are you suited to?

Technicality : Medium
Climbing difficulty : Medium to hard (pack your mountain goat)
Distance : 48km & 57km
Rider ability : Medium to Advanced
Avg. altitude : 1950m
Entry fees : Starting at R1295 pp

There is definitely a difference in the races and not just in the spelling. It comes down to the difficulty of the climbs and technicality of the route. Here at Amohela we trade in altitude for distance, that's because this event sits at an average altitude of 1890m above sea level. To put that in perspective, that is around 400m above Jozi and for those who haven't guessed it, it is 1890m above Durb's. Something strange starts to happen above 1800m, the best way we can sum it up is by imagining that you have 10% less energy for every 100m above 1800m you go. It only lasts for around a day before you acclimatize, but that also makes this the perfect pivot for your training season.

Who should do the Thaba e Kholo?

This is not for 1st time riders, it is tough but equally as rewarding. Riders should have a fair technical riding ability for some of the descents as well as a strong set of climbing legs. If you have a few stage races under the belt and are keen for a challenge, then this one is for you. Don't be fooled into thinking that because the route is shorter on day one that it is easy, we have traded the altitude for distance. Day 1 of the Thaba e Kholo is just 48km with 1150m of climbing. The mountains were here long before us, we just have to get over them.

Day two of the Thaba e Kholo is the reward you get for all your efforts on Day one. It is fast, very fast. Right up all the way until the end of the Ash River Express where the racing will really start. Riders are ultimately treated to a 16km long single trail over the ridge line above Clarens. Day two is 57km long with 950m of climbing.
Clarens Clover MTB


Who should do the Thaba e Nyenyane?

Technicality : Easy to Medium
Climbing difficulty : Medium to hard (pack your mountain goat)
Distance : 33km & 47km
Rider ability : Entry level upwards
Avg. altitude : 1890m
Entry fees : Starting at R975 pp

The distance is most certainly more manageable and so is the altitude. It is still not going to be a walk in the park as there are mountains to climb, they just are not as big as the ones on the Thaba e Kholo.

This can be ridden as a 1st time stage race, but make sure that you have a few single day races under the belt 1st. If you can race half marathons, then you should be fine on the Thaba e Nyenyane. Day one is just 33km long with 850m of climbing, we cut out as much technical riding as possible. You will still need to ride single trail and have a basic level of technical ability. Day one is simply amazing and completely exclusive to this event.

Day two is 47km long with 620m of climbing. It's a gravel grind through some of SA's finest country side tied in with incredible single trail to cap it all off.

Who should ride the single day events?

This is a completely fun category in the Amohela, the focus of the racing will stay on the 2 day riders. This category is for everybody and anybody, those who don't feel they can or want to do the 2 day event but are still keen to see the country and turn the legs. You can race it for fun or take a chilled ride through the countryside.

The single day race is only offered on the day 2 of the Amohela MTB Challenge. Day 1 is reserved for 2 day riders only.

the extra mile


Optional enduro

Keen for a little something extra?

Technicality : Medium
Climbing difficulty : Medium to hard (pack your mountain goat)
Distance : 3,8km per lap, 4 laps
Rider ability : Medium to Advanced
Optional pre-ride for all 2 day riders
Time: 14:00 - 17:30

What is it?

Think of this as the perfect opportunity to warm up the legs and win some awesome prizes while doing it. The results of the enduro do not count towards your overall race result.

Riders will take to a 3,8km enduro course in groups of 20 - 40 for 30 minutes per race or 4 laps, whichever comes 1st. The goal is to post the fastest time. Seeding will count towards this, so you will be in groups around your same level.

This is a spectator friendly event on the doorstep of Clarens. The route is made up of majority single trail, tricky punchy climbs and adrenaline pumping descents. If all 4 laps are completed, riders can expect to climb around 300m.

Riders will be given the option to opt in at registration. Registration will be open from 11:00am at the Protea Hotel in Clarens.


R6000 in cash prizes and R5000 merch. up for grabs.

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Look good doing it!

Entrants are able to choose from the following early bird merchandise with their entry. Which is available over and above the race packs.

How to determine your size accurately : –

Measure around your chest from armpit to armpit in cm. 

Divide the measurement by 2 and refer the the number in the middle line. That will indicate your sizing.

Hoodies are slightly smaller sizing for cyclists cut. Please take this into account as we do not do kit swaps, we order exact amounts. Kit swaps can be done between other riders at your volition. There is no mens or ladies specific cut in the hoodies.