At the event

Everything you need know

Number collection

We look forward to welcome to welcoming you at the Subaru Amohela MTB Challenge. Let’s make sure you have everything you need to get you dancing on those pedals through big mountain country.

Event registration / number collection will now take place at the Clarens Golf Course from 13:00 – 20:30 on the 18th of May 2024. Here you will be able to kick back and enjoy a catchup with friends and partners. You will also be able to do the last-minute touch up’s with qualified mechanics ahead of the event. 

Kindly note, that the parking for registration will not be at the Golf Course main club house, follow the signs to the designated parking area on the driving range. 

You do not need to print your registration proof and you can collect packs on behalf of other riders. For any other info, please do refer to the event FAQ.

What to do in Clarens

Clarens is one of SA's most sought after villages for relaxation, art, adventure and scenery. The entire village is geared towards tourism and there is no shortage of activities for you and the family.

-Stroll the streets of Clarens and visit the local art stores.

- A visit to Clarens Brewery

- Clarens extreme for the supporters and family

- Hike Clarens Village Conservancy

- Park Run

- A visit to Golden Gate National Park

- Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Where to eat?

You are in for a treat, here at the Subaru Amohela the entire village opens itself up to you with warm hospitality and fantastic food to keep you fueled for your adventure. Here are a few of our favourite spots to feast at : -

- Clementines fine dining (be sure to book)

- The Highlander restaurant

- Bocca di Lupo

- Clarens Brewery


There is nothing like a good nights sleep before a race. We even start a little later than normal just to give you time to ease into it.

Contact one of the local booking agents or booking platforms and choose from the wide range of accommodation available.

- Our tip is that the start / finish is just a short roll away from your the comfort of your accommodation. Use that as a warmup before your race

- Almost everything in the village is within walking distance or a 3-minute drive with the exception of the Golf Course accommodation which is just outside the village.

What is at the start / finish

One thing you never have to worry about is going thirsty or hungry. We have your back at the Clarens Golf Course, visitors and riders can enjoy the following : –

– Live entertainment on Saturday after the event

– Food and drinks available

– Kiddies area

– A range of refreshing post-race beverages

– Coffee with a kickĀ 

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